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MGS Dressing Room RP
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MGS Dressing Room RP

TIME PARADOX                                            XODARAP EMIT

Welcome to the MGS Dressing Room!

This is a simple place where MGS fans can just have noncommittal roleplay and test drive various Metal Gear characters and have them interact for fun, try out several plots, live out their crack pairing kinks or just generally goof around.

If you wonder where all of this takes place - we have no idea ourselves. It's a giant time paradox black hole type of thing - some kind of nexus - with access to ALL stages/locations present in ALL the MGS (or Kojima) Games (and several other places you are free to make up). Your characters can end up here in whatever way you like, but they will be trapped and have to deal with multiples of themselves or their archenemies presumed dead. Eventually we will make event posts (possibly concerning the time paradox problem). Stay tuned, and just have a good time!
Also: There's a very incomplete map of the building right here. Bear in mind that there are many more rooms which have not been documented, as well as undiscovered. Look around some!

But be careful, not every room is pleasant.


1. There is no application process. Just create a journal for a character and join right in - but be sure to post your info in this thread so we have an overview of characters/players participating. Multiples and alternative versions of characters are allowed as well, so don't worry about your favorite character being taken. There's a list of requested characters here, if you're unsure about who you'd like to play as.

2. Characters/objects from the canon, non-canon AND fanon MGS universe are allowed - wanna play Teliko from Acid? Go ahead. Interested in picking up a mooing MGS4 Metal Gear? Fine! Or maybe you even want to play as Cyborg Big Boss from Snake's Revenge? Sure, whatever floats your boat!

AU versions are fine within the MGS universe.

'Fanon' means versions from fan made media like flashes, fanfics, webcomics, etc (Some examples here would be Jake Snake from 'Fight of Metal Gears' and Psycho Mantis from 'The last days of FOXHOUND'). You're also free to create Original Characters as long as you keep them believable and with ties to the MGS universe. For example -- you're free to play as a member of a PMC unit and give them a distinct, unique and fleshed out personality.

We also suggest, that new players to the community app at least one canon character before taking on an OC to establish themselves in the community first before apping an AU or OC. This, however, is not a hard requirement.

Exception to this Rule: Characters from other Kojima Games. This currently includes Snatcher, Zone of the Enders, and Policenauts. You are free to pick up characters from these games as well.

Exception #2 - Yeah, you can also app real persons from the Kojima productions staff, or voice actors.

Exception #3 - Special (for a specific event ONLY) or NPC characters. Please ask the mod beforehand if you have something like this in mind.

With that said, please NO MARY SUES or GARY STUS. Please refrain from apping them. (Example: Solid Snake's long lost twin sister who is more beautiful than him and is not Liquid). Do not just app an OC and name them after a Metal Gear character. If you are NOT SURE, IM a mod as ask.

3. Stay in character - although this is mostly crack and not to be taken entirely seriously, you should know what your character generally acts like, or how he or she can be interpreted.

If you want to know how you're doing, or what the other players think or your character, check the How's my driving post.

4. Sex is allowed (straight and gay). BUT MAKE SURE to label your threads accordingly, F-Lock them (important), Smut tag them ("smut") and if you're not sure about original post content, use a LJ-CUT. Rape and pedophilia are strongly discouraged. However, keep in mind you're free to take your porn to your characters own journal, as well. Nobody here has to RP their smut in public.

4. a. No AIDS. It breaks Kojima's brain. Also, this is no strict rule, but please try to keep the pregnancies to a minimum. ABSOLUTELY NO MPREG.

5. No godmodding, and no threadjacking without player consent. If you plan bigger plots, or want to jump in on a conversation, make sure to contact all of the muns involved and talk over whatever you have in mind.

6. Tags are your friends. Use them. Tag your posts with the name of your character journal, at least, for better overview and achievement.

7. Do not delete threads. Seriously. Don't do it as long as all players who participated in that thread give their consent, or you're likely to piss some people off, because many of us like to reread old logs. If you delete a character, do NOT choose to delete the comments, because that WILL delete them from communities as well.

8. Play nice and regard your fellow players with courtesy. We are not writing a novel or even a fanfic here - this is just for our own entertainment. We will absolutely not tolerate any elitist wank or general drama just because somebody plays a character a tad differently than you would or makes up plots/pairings you disagree with. There's a difference between being OOC, and having a different interpretation of a character - please understand both.

For example: You are a firm believer of the 'fact' that Otacon has the hots for Snake (your fanon), but Otacon-mun here believes that they're only friends (canon) and would like to get him romantically involved with another character in the course of the RP.

Again, if you'd like to receive constructive criticism for your characters though, or want to help to improve the characterization of other players, check this post.

9. NEW: It is REQUIRED that you join the ooc community, fission_ooc, with at least your real LJ account or one of your character accounts, as this is where all important announcements will be posted.

It is recommended that you join the AIM chat FISSIONMAILED. If you have any further questions, check the FAQs here, the Questions&Concerns post here or contact one of the mods.
Also, check out our kink meme, fission_memes, and our Wiki!

10. NEW: Explicit descriptions of rape must be played out in private journals and not on the main community. If these threads must be linked in the main community for your character's story continuity, please make sure they are properly warned for content.

11. NEW: If you try to start up bullshit, you WILL get warned. Yes, we all love each other and this community is mostly run by its players, but that doesn't mean you can stir up drama. If you have issues with other players, talk it out with them, get the mod to help with that, but keep it outside of the community and chat. This leads into rule #12, to clarify:


13. Advertising without Admin or Moderator approval will be considered spam and the post will be deleted and the user will be banned.

Breaking these rules can result in a warning and a strike. After three strikes, a ban will be issued.


AIM: Ozzyopolis | E-mail: ozzyopolis[at]yahoo[dot]com



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AIM: xponos | E-mail: hallpatrol[at]gmail[dot]com



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